The Latest Photo Booth Technology

Our PhotoPods are the latest innovation in photo booths. Gone are the large cumbersome enclosures and expensive pricing.

Our PhotoPods are stylish standalone units which can fit in almost any venue. With the option for different backdrops, customised images, fully wireless (even the power!) and flexible hire times these next generation photo booths are ideal for any event.

Picture of PhotoPod

Fully Digital

Our PhotoPods are fully digital solutions. This means there is no need for printers as all images can be viewed and downloaded instantly by you and your guests. With fun options including boomerangs and video you get more than just a picture!

You can download using a QR code, E-mail and even airdrop. Its not just the pre-set pictures either. View the separate photos and choose your favourite to download all by itself.

Each event includes basic customisation of the print template, however we can accommodate almost any features and designs you may want! Names, company logos and print layouts are all adjustable.

Compact Setup

Our PhotoPods can be setup in almost any area due to their extremely small footprint.
The PhotoPods will come setup on their own red carpet and require only single power outlet.

The single bright ring light is more than enough to ensure all photos are perfectly exposed, meaning there are extra lighting units, stands or flashes required.

We optionally offer a fully wireless setup where we supply the PhotoPod with its own battery power source capable of powering it for a full evening of photos.

Our PhotoPods run off their own internet connection with the option to connect to a venues Wi-Fi if in bad a bad signal area. In the rare occasion it cannot be connected to any kind of internet airdrop download is still available for instant pictures, then when the PhotoPod is reconnected to the internet all images will be sent automatically via e-mail and SMS as requested.

Other options such as backdrops, no carpet and props can all be customised.


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